The Morning of Your Wedding Day

As a Wedding Planner I know how stressful it is for the bride getting ready on the morning of her Wedding Day.  There are a million things going on, not only all around you but also at the venue to make your dreams come true.  There’s the timetable that needs to be adhered to, there’s hair and make-up, there’s also the photographer wanting to make sure they get some perfect pictures and then there’s getting dressed, this can all be a bit overwhelming and emotional. 

I have come up with a couple of tips to help you stay calm and relaxed and enjoy your Wedding Day morning.

The Night Before

Lay out your dress ready for the next day.  Get all your accessories ready; this may be jewellery, shoes, hair accessories and your lingerie.  If you are going DIY with your make-up get it all laid out ready for the big day, this way you will not have to be rummaging round in all your make-up bags to find that one mascara that you absolutely love.

Try not to drink too much, I know you're excited and want to celebrate, but it will not help you with a good night’s sleep, so drink in moderation.  This might sound silly, but don't go and try a new restaurant or new food, as it may disagree with you and you don't want to lose sleep by being ill all night and then not look your best the next day!

Try and get an early night, I know this is easier said then done, as your mind is probably going through everything for the next day and what needs to be done.  If this is the case, one thing that really helps me when I am struggling to sleep is writing everything down, make a list of what needs to be done, this way it will be there in the morning and you know what needs to be ticked off. 

My perfect relaxing night is a nice candle lit bath, a glass of bubbles, new pj's and nice fresh bedding, this really helps me relax and I usually have a fantastic sleep and feel fully refreshed in the morning.  If you do choose to have a bath try and exfoliate but do make sure you moisturise your body and your face when you get out of the bath, this way your skin will be looking its best the next morning.

Before you go to sleep, make sure you set your alarm, I am absolutely certain you won’t over sleep, but you don’t want the worry of waking up at a certain time to keep you awake and clock watching all night!

The Wedding Morning 

As you know this is a very important morning, so make sure you wake up with enough time to be able to relax and enjoy it, you don’t want to be rushing around and getting all hot and flustered. 

Today is not the day to skip the most important meal of the day, make sure you have some breakfast.  If you are at home and your Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids are coming round or they may have even stayed over the night, then why not have a sharing platter of fruit, croissants and Danish pastries to share, this way you can snack all through the morning.

Make sure you savour the morning, it will run away with you as you get swept up in the excitement of the day.  Share a bottle of bubbles and clink those glasses ladies!  Why not create a play list of all your favourite songs that can play all morning while you are all getting ready, it’s a celebration after all?

If you are going out to your stylist make sure you wear the right clothing, maybe consider wearing a zip up top or a button up shirt, this way you will not ruin your hair and make up when getting undressed later.  If your stylist is coming to you, just stay in your pj’s, maybe even consider getting matching ones with your maids. 

If you are going out, consider what underwear you wear as you don’t want to have an indent of your bra straps if you have a strapless dress.

Make sure you get some photos of you all getting ready and enjoying the morning. These are memories you want to treasure with your best girlfriends.

When it is time to get dressed, if your dress has been a big secret why not have one of your maids help you get in your dress but then have a big reveal to the other maids.  Maybe have them wait at the bottom of the stairs or in another room, and then surprise them with you in your beautiful wedding gown.  If you decide on a reveal, make sure your photographer is there to capture that special moment.

Once you are ready to go and get in the cars ready to head to your ceremony, make sure you remember your bouquet or get one of your maids to remember it for you.  You don’t want to get to the ceremony and remember it!

The one thing to remember is trying to stay calm and relaxed everything will be just as you imagined, enjoy your morning and savour the memories.

Published on: 30 August 2018

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