I am a Passionate On-the-day Coordinator & Stylist

Welcome to Onyx Weddings & Events, I am Sarah the incredibly proud owner.  For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for being creative and organised.  I haven't always been a wedding planner, but the thought of not being able to use these skills every day to help couples create their dream wedding, I soon realised I had to change my career path.  Whilst working full time as an accountant in my spare time I studied for a Diploma in Wedding Planning and launched Onyx.

I feel like I am always learning new and inventive ways to be creative with weddings, I love getting inspiration from everywhere I go,  I just can't seem to switch off!  No two weddings are the same and that is why I love my job so much!

I have to admit I am a self-confessed lover of lists which assists me with my exceptional organisational skills, I love nothing more than working with my couples to make sure everything goes to plan (even if this maybe plan B, due to the weather!) and most importantly they both have a lovely wedding day.  I am based in Merseyside but I cover the whole of the North West and further afield upon request.

When I am not planning weddings, I love to relax by spending time with my partner Nick and our wonderful, if not highly active Cocker Spaniels, Alfie and Sadie.  There is nothing better than going for a nice long walk and then coming home to snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of bubbles! even if I have to share it with Alfie and Sadie! - the sofa, not the bubbles!! I am not going to lie, but I also love shopping, if it's for shoes than I am like a little girl again, the excitement of a new pair of shoes! you just can't beat it.

I love spending time with family and friends whether that's over a nice home-cooked dinner or a summer BBQ with lots of fun and laughter.

I would love the opportunity to work with you to help relieve some of the stress when planning your wedding, so drop me a line to see how I can help.



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Hi, I'm Alfie!more_vert

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Hi, I'm Alfie!close

As you can see from my beautiful picture I am a very handsome dog and my colour fits in perfectly with the company name ‘Onyx’.  I would like to think it is named after me, but I am not sure!

I have been a member of the Onyx team since the beginning and think I am a big help around the office.  Although I am not that good at planning I do believe my skills lie in office morale and I have excellent negotiating skills, I just flash one of my sad dog faces and bang I can get what I want!

My main interests are long walks, chasing my ball and destroying every toy I own, in fact my personal best is 5 minutes!!

I probably won’t get to help out on the day of your special event, so I am sending you lots of doggy best wishes now, and I know it will be amazing if you are working with Onyx.

Woofs & licks

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Hi, I'm Sadie!more_vert

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Hi, I'm Sadie!close

As you can see from my beautiful picture I am even more gorgeous than my younger brother.  He thinks he is the Boss of Onyx but we all know it is me!

I have been a member of the Onyx team since the beginning and I know I am a big help around the office.  My planning skills are not up to what they used to be as I am now retired from all that, and my sight is going, but I believe I keep spirits up in the Onyx office with my lovely singing.

My main interests are sleeping and dreaming of past adventures. 

I am a little clumsy so won’t be able to meet you, but I am sure you are in safe hands with Onyx arranging your special event.

Woofs & licks

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Hi, I'm Bertie!more_vert

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Hi, I'm Bertie!close

I have finally been allowed to join the Onyx team officially!  I am fitting in well although still learning the ropes and who is in charge.  I love to steal my big brother's toys, I am not sure he is too impressed though.  I like to think I am bringing the cuteness factor to the office and I am certainly keeping them on their toes.

Unfortunately, I am a bit too young at the moment to help with your wedding, but I am sure Onyx will make your day magical.  Sending you lots of doggy best wishes for your big day.

Woofs & licks